Athletic Apparel to Swoon Over
Athletic Apparel to Swoon Over
Athletic Apparel to Swoon Over
Athletic Apparel to Swoon Over
Athletic Apparel to Swoon Over

Athletic Apparel to Swoon Over

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At Healthy Travel Magazine, we love when we come across inspiring people doing amazing things in the wellness industry. Today we are so excited to share a super athletic apparel brand we are swooning over:

CHILLBYWILL founders and designers Christina Powter and Corrina Wall are experts at balancing a busy lifestyle, these super moms manage to fit it all in balancing daily workouts, running a business, creating stylish active wear pieces and tackling motherhood.

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Together they are growing CHILLBYWILL into a large national brand, recognized by todays hottest celebrities. Both Corinna & Christina focus on what they would ideally want to wear while sweating, adding fun patterns and on trend mesh panels. They believe in having the right outfit for the right workout so much so that they are testing every piece of clothing they create. Whether its holding a pose in yoga, getting on a bike at spin or using the machines at the gym their goal is to make sure the piece’s work well, wherever you might go.

This 2-year-old active wear company has made big waves recently with dressing Anne Hathaway this week amongst other celebs in the past; Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara & Vanessa Hudgens to name a few. Made in the USA, they have created a product that is sleek, smooth, comfortable and strives to flatter all body shapes and sizes.

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Some information on Christina Powter:

Favorite workouts: Boxing at Gloveworx in Santa Monica, spinning in West Hollywood at soul cycle with Angela Davis

Quote to live by: As a woman and a mother… I remind myself daily how important it is to be kind to my body. “Fuel it, move it, enjoy it. “

Health Secrets: a couple of scoops of ice cream every night! And a full breakfast every morning…even if my day starts at 4:45am.

Corrina Wall

Favorite workouts: dance, soul cycle with Angela Davis, the stairs in Santa Monica, weight training

Quote to live by: Always start my day with gratitude “if you have a body, you’re an athlete”

Health secrets: No alcohol and eat everything in moderation

chill will

Their tips for Healthy Traveling:

  • Always pack sneakers (and an exercise outfit) even if you think you won’t have time.
  • Explore new places.
  • If traveling for business, try a new class in the area that had great reviews.
  • Traveling for pleasure, go on an exciting hike or explore a new city.
  • Stick with a routine,as you would at home : Unpacked, organize, stay balanced and try not to over indulge.
  • Relax on vacation, but treat your body well.
  • Traveling for work can be hard especially when time zones changes, try and adjust your time before you travel.
  • “ I love to workout right after I get off a long flight, even if it’s 20 mins, it rebalances my whole body after sitting for a lot of hours”
  • For traveling on the plane, “I pack a couple of snacks to get me through like protein bars, almonds, bananas.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Carbon 38

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  1. love all of this! I have not heard of it before so thank you!

  2. Great story on their founders and tips. The clothes are sexy and fashionable all in one! Can’t wait to try them

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