5 Luxury Hotels Offering Creative DIY Spa Treatments

In these times, it’s no secret the hospitality industry has had to get creative, in order to ensure guests are still able to enjoy five-star treatment without fear of their health or safety. Spas have been no exception to this rule. Taking an unconventional spin on spa treatments, luxury hotels around the world have introduced DIY treatments that guests can enjoy in the comfort of their own guest room. Here are some of our favorite luxury resorts offering creative DIY spa treatments.

Curtain Bluff | Antigua
Upon reopening on October 24 for its 59th season, the resorts oceanfront 5,000 sq. ft. spa is launching a menu of new guest experiences including “Waterless Body Treatments” which encompasses a traditional body scrub, by using products that exfoliate the skin, without the need for rinsing off with water. For those looking to relax while learning a new skill, DIY services will now be available as well. Book appointments with a therapist to learn how to do a body massage, various lip and facial treatments.

The Shore Club | Turks and Caicos

The Dune Spa at The Shore Club is offering a “DIY Voya Seaweed Bath” which supplies hand-harvested seaweed that when immersed in warm water, naturally springs back to full bloom, releasing its nourishing properties to supply a full-body reset. The tradition of bathing has been popular for centuries and it can provide comfort, as well as health benefits, during this difficult period. Spa goers will be given their choice of additional relaxing ingredients based on their body/skin preferences and needs as the tub fills with hot water. The talented spa team will dim the lights, light some candles and start the Sound Bathing Soundtrack — and are available at any time to assist with your personal spa experience ensuring it’s customizable, private, and luxurious. Slip into the tub, close the eyes and take five deep breaths. Spa guests can stay immersed for their choice of anywhere between 30-60 minutes.

Rockliffe Hall | County Durham

If you’d rather enjoy your treatment from your suite (complete with TV tiles), take advantage of Rockliffe Hall’s — SPA IN A BOX — a contactless room service delivered spa treatment. Guests receive a wellness expert-guided video of how to perform a luxury spa experience from their own five-star bedroom, using NEOM Organics products (The Duchess of Cambridge’s go-to brand). Guests also receive a NEOM Organics candle, in the scent of “Scent to Sleep”.

Old Edwards Inn and Spa | Highlands, NC

Perched atop the southwest plateau of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Old Edwards Inn and Spa offers travelers in search of pampering a luxe mountain retreat through new 50-minute touchless spa treatments. Experience a whole-body “tuning” that promotes wellbeing and addresses adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and anxiety through the Tuning Forks treatment; Undergo an energy healing and soothe the body and mind through Reiki; and settle in for Sound Therapy, which are uniquely tailored to each individual depending on their energetic state and utilize special harmonically rich instruments to calm and restore the central nervous system.

The Chanler at Cliff Walk| Newport, RI 

A vintage Newport mansion turned luxury boutique hotel, The Chanler at Cliff Walk brings a quaint and cozy ambiance. Enjoy an elevated wellness experience with an Aromatherapy bath at The Chanler. Found at some of the world’s most luxurious spas, guests can enjoy Aromatherapy Associates essential oils from the comfort of their own room with a bath drawn for them. From ‘Relax Deep’ with chamomile and sandalwood scents to ‘De-Stress Muscle’ with rosemary and ginger scents, the property’s bath menu has something for everyone as the oils, aromas and bubbles put guests into a deep state of relaxation and leave them feeling rejuvenated - and is a completely private and touch-free wellness experience.

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