Wellness Tips from World-Class Resorts

From creating an at-home ‘zen zone’ and breaking up the work from home routine with stretching, to an at-home Coconut Milk Scalp Treatment for pampering in place, see below for wellness tips and health inspiration from some of our favorite resorts.

SpaTerre at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa — Little Torch Key, Fla.

The inner sanctuary of Little Palm Island is SpaTerre, a refuge that exists solely to promote health and wellbeing for mind, body and soul. Boasting 3,800 square feet of space, the world-class spa features five indulgent treatment rooms and a stunning two-story, open-air atrium. Amelia Hill, spa director at SpaTerre, the signature spa of the newly reopened, ultra-luxe Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, has a few ideas for people looking to make their homes a bit more peaceful and stress-free over the next few months during the Coronavirus outbreak. “One of the most important things that we can do in a stressful time is to be sure that our homes are a comfortable, calm place,” said Hill. “Some things you can do to encourage a healthy atmosphere are:

  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter. Donate unused items and create an airy open feel that will translate to a sense of calm.  Use natural/ chemical free cleaning products and have germicidal wipes available in the kitchen and in bathrooms. Care for and protect your sanctuary.
  • Introduce live plants. Plants increase oxygen levels and help improve air quality. Studies show that live plants in your home can help decrease chance for illness and increase recovery speed.
  • Create “Zen Zone.” Use a diffuser with aromatherapy, or a Himalayan salt lamp to help create a peaceful zone in your home. Add some comfortable pillows to a chair, a soft blanket, and find a moment each day to sit there.
  • Unplug and shut down. Unplug anything you’re not using. Save energy—literally and spiritually.”

Serenity Spa at Westgate Resorts — Las Vegas NV, Park City UT, Gatlinburg TN, Orlando FL

Westgate Resorts’ Serenity Spa invites those at home to relax, unwind and rejuvenate by recreating the spa’s signature recipe for Coconut Milk Scalp Treatment:

  • Ingredients: one towel, DIY hair mask (1/4 cup brown sugar combined with 1/4 cup coconut milk, coconut oil or olive oil)
  • Step 1: Put a towel in the dryer
  • Step 2: Massage the DIY hair mask onto your scalp, providing a gentle exfoliation
  • Step 3: Once complete, wrap a heated towel around your head, lay down and close your eyes for at least ten minutes or until towels are cool.

The Resort at Paws Up, Greenough Montana

The Resort at Paws Up’s Equestrian Manager Jackie Kecskes takes care of herself by riding horses. “The style of horsemanship I practice requires a lot of inward reflection and focus,” says Jackie. “Every day, I work on being a better me, for the sake of the horse, than I was the day before. Calm mind, calm body.”

Jackie says her guiding principle has always been a Dakota proverb: “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” “While I try to live by this every day, I think that, in times of hardship, our character can be tested, and it’s more important than ever to think about who we are and who we want to be. I’ve really been trying to focus on my actions and how to positively affect people and be someone I would be proud of later. So I try using kind words, setting good examples, listening to people when they’re concerned, staying positive, finding the good in the everyday, being patient, remembering that other people may see the world differently than I do and not faulting them for it (and in fact, trying to see it from their perspective, so I can better understand or empathize with them), just to name a few.”

The Kessler Collection - Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, and the Carolinas

CEO and Founding Partner of ISM SPA, Ilana Alberico, who oversees all signature Poseidon Spas located within Kessler Collection hotels, offers her expert advice on how to make your home and bathroom feel more like a luxurious spa:

  • Declutter: Mess causes stress! Collect all your toiletries, make-up, hair products, etc. and put them away in a drawer, store in a cabinet, or organize them all in pretty baskets and containers. Clean surfaces will help create a tranquil feel.
  • Pick up some plants: Plants have the ability to make any room feel more welcoming, and the same goes for your bathroom. They can be credited with improving moods, increasing oxygen, and boosting air quality. Consider plants that thrive in a humid environment: Succulents, ivy, ferns, and orchids.  If you don’t have a green thumb, some fresh flowers in pretty vases will do in a pinch.
  • Enhance your lighting: Dim the lights and bring in a few candles to set the mood. A simple arrangement of different sized candles, in soft, neutral colors, will make a difference.  For an added soothing effect, choose naturally scented candles with calming aromas such as lavender, jasmine, sage, or eucalyptus.
  • Play soothing sounds:  Soaking in a tub (trying to relax) can get boring quickly, so have some gentle music or a guided meditation playing in the background. www.Privai.com has options a “Power Animal” and a “Heart Center” meditation that makes meditating easy. Speaking of tubs, an assortment of bubble bath should be kept on hand at all times, so you are always ready when the need for a relaxing soak beckons you.
  • Splurge a little: Invest in some face fan brushes to use to apply a face mask while you relax. Applying a mask with a fan brush feels luxurious. Indulge yourself with some high-quality towels. They look good and they feel good!  Is there a better way to wrap up after some “spa time”, than with a thick, fluffy towel? Take it to the next level and purchase a towel warmer.

Montage Palmetto Bluff — Bluffton, SC
Livia Reddington, Director of Spa Montage, Palmetto Bluff says “In this time of stress, taking moments for self-care are essential. Often when we travel, we pick up candles, oils or perhaps some of the products you have in your bathrooms, simply use a soothing scent. One of my favorite aspects about any of the product we carry in Spa Montage are the scents, transporting your mind to a different place, a different state of being. Our Lola’s Apothecary products have incredible scents — in particular, I love their Sweet Lullaby scent. To quote Lola’s, they call it their “hug in a bottle.” Whether it’s taking a long shower or bath and using Lola’s bath and shower oil, this scent automatically transports me to a place of relaxation. To make the experience even better, Lola’s Apothecary has the most beautiful packaging, where they share rituals for relaxation and soothing quotes. I recommend you find that candle you purchased on your last vacation or pull out a product that’s dreamy scent allows you to be transported. Take 30 minutes to fully relax. Allow the scent to transform you.”

Royalton Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Working from home or even self-isolation can lead to sitting on the couch for long periods of time and stiff muscles. To counteract this, the Fitness and Wellness Director at Royalton Punta Cana recommends stretching each day. “Whether you take a virtual yoga class during lunch or just try to touch your toes a few times a day, it is important to keep your blood circulating and muscles awake.”

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