4 Alternative Water Getaways

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Looking to stay cool this July 4th? We have four alternative water getaways that share new, innovative adventure experiences. Biking on water, learning to surf in the Maldives, sand boarding anyone? Who wants to try all of them besides us at Healthy Travel? Happy Holidays!!

1. Maalifushi by COMO in Maldives has partnered with luxury surfing company TropicSurf for week-long ‘Learn To Surf’ experiences, which burn 400 calories per hour. The resort’s resident expert guides guests from basic lagoon training all the way to tackling some of the toughest breaks in the Maldives, including the famously remote ‘Farms’ break. It’s not just the ride that demands muscle power, but paddling out, duck diving, and struggling to the surface for a much needed gulp of air also requires strength and fitness.

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2. Sugar Beach, the Viceroy Resort in St. Lucia just partnered with Shiller Bikes – a cross between a bike and lightweight catamaran so you can bike on the water. Launching in July, they will be the first hotel to offer these bikes. Not only will guests burn 300 calories per hour they’ll also tone gluteal muscles, hamstrings and calves.

3. Hop on a jet ski at GoldenEye in Jamaica and burn up to 400 calories per hour while working the core, quadriceps, hamstrings and upper body as it requires constant balance and effort to keep your body upright. Jet skiers can discover Robins Bay, with its navy blue waters and pristine black sand that can only be accessed by Sea and visit Laughing Waters, Dr. No’s lair at Crab Key where Ursula Andress famously emerged from the surf.

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4) Sandboarding at andBeyond Benguerra Island On an island off the coast of Mozambique, andBeyond’s newest lodge (recently opened on June 1st) offers guests a chance to zoom down the sand dunes. Think snowboarding but much warmer, on sand, and with a view of the beautiful African island and the surrounding water, a protected marine park. Lots of calories are burned with the paddling out and climbing of the dunes

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